Chaat N Chill
What's Included: Pani Puri, Sev Puri,  Bhel Puri, Samosa Chaat
£17.36 £15.75
Family Pack - Serves 5
What's Included: 4x Pani Puri, 2x Maharaja Samosa Platter, 2x Chole Bhatura, 2x Pau Bhaji,  2x Urban Guj Bhajia, 2x Dabeli, 2x Gourmet Wada Pau. Serves 5
£85.04 £80.00
Netflix & Me
What's Included: Beanie Burger, Urban Guj Bhajia, Regular Coke
£13.95 £12.00
Sunday For Two
What's Included: 2x Ragada Petis, 1x Bhel Puri, 1x Pani Puri,  1x Pizza Samosas  
£21.91 £20.00
Smiley Saturday
What's Included: Pani Puri, Paapdi Lot, Urban Guj Bhajia, Fenugreek Flatbread
£16.46 £16.00
Freaky Friday
What's Included: Chole Bhatura, Paneer Burger, Masala Chips, Rajkot Toastie
£22.85 £20.00
Mid-Week Mania
What's Included: Bhel Puri, Mumbai Toastie, Masala Mogo (Saucy)
£14.55 £13.95
Dinner or Lunch For 1
What's Included: Pau Bhaji, Pizza Samosa, Urban Guj Bhajia.   Rain drop, drop top, I got all these guju bhajia and I can't stop 😂. Enjoy an incredibly delicious lunch...
£14.90 £13.00
Easy Start
What's Included: Dabeli, Samosa Chaat Roll into Monday's nice and easy with a simple yet exceptionally tasty lunch.
£8.35 £8.00
Tasty Tuesday
Enjoy two deliciously fresh made Gourmet Wada Pau Burgers with our brand new Ferrero Rocher Milkshake.
£20.90 £18.00